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Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing calls!! I bought  Momo, Mbly, Pi and Labu on your calls. Great profits!  Thanks so much! Jan L. SRP Member 9/8/16
 “Love you guys, even with the horrible market conditions we are still banking! ” Al G. SRP member 9/14/16

We just closed 20 of 22 swing trades for profits over the past 8 weeks at SRP, see our recent track record on this page and our full track record is also on the website



34,000+ Traders Follow Us on up from 2,500 just 17 months ago!

Now joining SRP  is where you take it to the next level!  Join Now!  We have outperformed the SP 500 well over 12 to 1 since inception.  


  • 1-2 New Swing Trades per Week on average aiming for 8-20% profits each
  • Holding periods based soley on objectives. We are not day traders
  • SP 500 Gold Oil and Sector forecasts updated daily
  • Morning pre-market reports on all positions with full strategy updates
  • Have beat SP 500 over 12 to 1 since inception with less risk and volatility
*Our Full Track Record is on our Track Record Tab  (Click to Review)

Bull and Bear Market Cycle Swing Trading

Individual Stock Swing Trading, 3X ETF Bull and Bear Trades , SP 500, Gold, Oil and Sector Forecasts. We marry fundamentals and technical’s on every position alerted. All swing trades must pass our stringent tests on both to qualify as a swing trade. We have a proprietary “Burning Match” selling method that gets us out consistently with profits at the right time.

Market, Gold, and Oil  and Sector Forecasts

Elliott wave based along with 10 proprietary indicatorors for The SP 500 Index, Gold, and Oil and sectors. Forecasts are updated Daily in Pre-Market along with all updated notes on every open trade position

24/7 Email Access to Chief Strategist- Personalized Service unlike others

Dave is available nearly 24/7 to answer your personal e-mails often within minutes! Try getting that feature on any other advisory service!

Featured in the past on,, and Bloomberg along with many other investor based websites, our Chief Strategist is one of the top market forecasters in the world, this gives SRP members and near unfair advantage for swing trading and market knowledge.

Our SP 500 Gold and Oil Forecasts are among the most accurate in the world among all Forecasters, just ask our SRP members, this alone is worth the subscription price

I know I am paying a subscription fee for this service but still.. Thank you for sharing your talent and analysis with us! I rely on your s&p, oil and especially Gold forecasts. M. Chong SRP Member 8/10/16

I couldn’t be happier with your services and professionalism. I’m blown away by your response time and even more so, how simple and easy you made this process. I continue to only speak the highest of SRP. You’re great. Thanks again, Dave. Take care, Steven- SRP Member 7/29/16

Most Recently Closed Swing Trades 

9/27- Sold 1/2 YRD for 13% Gains on Full Position Size

9/24- Sold Final 1/2 IRWD for 17% Gains on Full Position Size

9/21 – Sold 1/2 IRWD for 14% Gains on Full Position Size

9/19- Sold Final 1/2 TCMD for 25% Gains on 1/2 position Size

9/14- Sold 1/2 CEMP for 10% Gains on Full Position Size

9/14- Sold 1/2  TCMD for 19% Gains on 1/2 Position Size

9/14- Sold AHS for 4% Loss on Full Position Size

9/8/16- Sold Final 1/2 LABU ETF for 12% Gains in 2 days on 1/2 Position Size

9/7/16- Sold 1/2 LABU ETF for 9% Gains in 24 hours on 1/2 Position Size

8/24/16- Sold Final 1/2 MOMO for 30% Gains in 8 days

8/23/16- Sold 1/2 MOMO for 16-20% Gains in 1 week on Full position size

8/23/16-  Sold MBLY for 9-11% Gains on our 1/2 Position Size

8/19/16- Sold PCRX for 5.5% Loss on Full Position Size

8/16/16- Sold Final 1/2 PI for 17% Gains in 11 Trading Days

8/15/16- Sold 1/2 PI for 14% Gains in 10 Trading days

8/2/16- Sold Final 1/2 EXAS for 10% Gains in 5 days

8/1/16- Sold 1/2 EXAS for 12% Gains in 4 days

7/27/16- Sold final 1/2 VUZI for 8% Gains in 6 days

7/26/16- Sold final 1/2 LABU ETF for 16% Gains in 6 Days

7/26/16- Sold final 1/2 NERV for 15% Gains in 5 weeks

7/25/16- Sold 1/2 VUZI for 18% Gains in 4 days

7/21/16- Sold 1/2 LABU ETF for 13% Gains in 3 days

2nd quarter Full Report: Our 2nd Quarter closed out Swing Trades Track Record is below. Click on Graph to see full report on the quarter:  24 closed out trades, 20 winners and 4 losers. Using $20,000 per Full Position as a math sample would have yielded $25,000 in net gains in 30 days for a subscription cost of only $249 per quarter!  Using $10,000 per Full Position would have yielded $12,500 in net gains.

srp swing returns chart 2nd quarter 2016

Premium Service Options:  $99 per month, $249 for 90 days

$699 Annually (Saves $500 Per Year, 5 Months Free!) -Best Value-

Equivalent to $58 a month or the same cost as just 4 roundtrip Scottrade trades per month


start now

Crazy amazing how you are nailing the market!! Just so impressive!!!! I tell everyone about you. Hey, if they are smart enough and need direction then they’ll join! Jacqueline R. SRP Member 7/12/16
 “You are a Fundamental Genius- SRP Member A. Verdone 7/7/16
I am a recent member and have to say you guys have been spot on with your macro predictions since I joined.  I am really happy to have found your service and  have enjoyed the fruits of your labor these past few weeks.- SRP Member D. Patel 6/6/16
I am glad I am a subscriber. Your analysis gives me the confidence to invest more aggressively than I would on my own. I have blow away the markets averages for this year. Your analysis increases my odds. Thanks again! SRP Member Nick H. 6/8/16


Our “Burning Match” sell signals allow us to exit most swing trades at the height of excitement and we pocket gains. Below is a recent Swing on MBLY using that methodology of proper entry and exit.



Premium Service Options:  $99 per month, $249 for 90 days

$699 Annually (Saves $500 Per Year, 5 Months Free!) -Best Value-

Equivalent to $58 a month or the same cost as just 4 roundtrip Scottrade trades per month

start now

“Thanks for this stock pick. If it does get that high it will pay for all of my medical debt from cancer treatment. Enough thanks cannot be given to you and your team.”
-Mary J. SRP Member 5/14/16



“You are God gifted” – F. Aziz- SRP Member 5/13/16


“Congratulations. Again, your work is just spectacular, especially in this difficult market”.  Suzanne- SRP Member 5/14/16

“You are just too superb at your skills – have seen and subscribed to many services including dudes at big financial firms and many CMT’s, top traders, options analysts – you top them all. Just complimenting for your vision. Keep up the good work ! Respect, G. Shah” – SRP Member 3/4/16

“I appreciate all that you do especially the rigor, consistency and honesty that you convey” -G. Harris – SRP Member 4/24/16

“Hi Dave, Thanks for this months alerts. Were perfectly timed”. – E. Nab SRP Member 4/28/16

“I have to thank you. You guys are awesome. I have been moving in and out of sector funds in my 401k based on your information (biotech, gold). I sold my gold fund yesterday, a little early perhaps. But I am up 31.6% ytd. I went over 1 million in my plan and I am only 46!  I have been telling my friends about you guys, hope to get you some new members as well as the help they need. Keep up the great work! Nick H. SRP Member 4/29/16

Ahhh….your  service is so refreshing….thank you Dave!- S. Jackson SRP Member 4/26/16

Our combination of Elliott Wave Theory, Sentiment analytics, and market indicators others do not incorporate keeps us on the right side of the markets. This dictates our allocation and swing trading strategies in Bull or Bear cycles. -Dave, Chief Strategist

  • Text Alert, E-mail, and Website Post with charts for All Trades
  • Fundamentals and Technicals always combined for each position
  • Daily pre-market guidance on all Open Swing Trade Positions
  • Charts and Buy Range Guidance included on every position alerted
  • Exit alerts via Text and E-mail on every trade in real time

You are the Rainman!  Anthony Verdone SRP Member 3/18/16

You are making me and a lot of others rich. If we have another son I will see if she will agree to name him David. Nick H. SRP Member 4/29/16

Our entire 1st quarter 2016 Track Record (Click Graph for Full details and description and table of every trade closed)

410 srp quarter 1 2016 returns graph

By the way, your predictions have been pretty awesomely consistent lately. So thank you! Jessica- SRP Member 4/29/16

Premium Service Options:  $99 per month, $249 for 90 days

$699 Annually (Saves $500 Per Year, 5 Months Free!) -Best Value-

Equivalent to $58 a month or the same cost as just 4 roundtrip Scottrade trades per month

start now

“We call ourselves “stockreversals” for a reason, we look for consolidations and pullbacks in good names to accumulate on dips just prior to massive reversals to the upside. We do this with both 3x ETF securities and Stocks. We combine fundamentals and technicals along with our human behavioral pattern recognition to find our opportunities for members to smash the market.”

We are not biased Bull or Bear, we trade what we see objectively.”

-Dave, Chief Strategist- SRP ( Contact:

SRP Members Comments:

“Really nice consistency lately, great job! Just thought sometimes good feedback doesn’t hurt”  Wizdom Trader- SRP Member 3/19/16 (Italy)

“Great play on Dust – out today with +14%.” Matthias L.- SRP member 3/9/16

“From a newly joined member, your market knowledge and insights are invaluable, and I will more than likely extend my membership to continue receiving them.” Thank you, S.H. -SRP Member 3/7/16


“Thanks for the DUST trade. Between that and a swing trade in XON it was a $1000 day. ” – Mary Jones SRP subscriber 2/24/16


“You are just too superb at your skills – have seen and subscribed to many services including dudes at big financial firms and many CMT’s, top traders, options analysts – you top them all. Just complimenting for your vision. Keep up the good work ! Respect, G. Shah” – SRP Member 3/4/16


Feb 10th 2016 25% Gainer on a 3x ETF trade in DUST

210 dust trade

Premium Service Options:  $99 per month, $249 for 90 days

$699 Annually (Saves $500 Per Year, 5 Months Free!) -Best Value-

Equivalent to $58 a month or the same cost as just 4 roundtrip Scottrade trades per month

start now

31,000+ Traders Follow Us On!

4th Quarter 2015 Swing Trade Results Table (click)

Non Compounded Gains of 80%!!

Sample Swing Trade- SWHC 30% move from Alert in weeks from 19.66 to 26


Full Track Record Since 9/1/2013 Inception

242% vs 23.82% for SP 500 Index

208 Closed Trades since inception to 12/31/2015

Full Track Record Page (click)

122016 srp track record chart

We have Premium Subscribers in 42 countries

Annual Option costs less than 1 round trip trade per week at any online broker!!


SRP 1280x640 size
Active Stock and ETF Swing Trades for Bull or Bear Cycles, Market Forecasts, Research Reports, Morning Pre-Market Updates, Trading  Education and more for the Active Trader

1. Stock and 3X ETF Intermediate Swing Position Trading (Bull or Bear)

 (Days to weeks holding period depending on objectives for each position)

Sept 28 2015 to Dec 31 2015 Swing Returns Graph (24 trades closed) Cumulative 80% Gains in 3 months

Oct to Dec 2015 swing returns chart

2.  Mis-Priced securities with a catalyst for higher price movement and low risk entry over the intermediate time period (weeks to multiple months)

47% Gains closed on November 5th in CLLS recommendation we made at $26 on October 7th. We are more active with longer term plays in a Bull Cycle depending on market and sector analysis.

3. Market Forecasting using our 10 proprietary signals with uncanny accuracy

Subscribers were warned in August just three days before the market 6 day meltdown to sit on their hands and “go to the beach”.  We called a Market Bottom on September 30th and put a 2080 target on the SP 500 when it was 1900!! We called the Gold Low on August 7th!

1030 srp sp500

12/31/15: SRP Portfolio 242% vs. 23.82% for SP 500 since 9/1/13 Inception

Premium Service Options:  $99 per month, $249 for 90 days

$699 Annually (Saves $500 Per Year, 5 Months Free!)

 -Best Value-

Equivalent to $58 a month or the same cost as just 4 roundtrip Scottrade trades per month

start now

SRP Members Are E-mailing Us Now!

Endorsed 3/1/15 by, the largest social media stock traders website

StockReversals: We’ve enjoyed your shares and analysis lately! Today we added you to one of our must follow lists for new sign-ups! Cheers

I’ve been a member for a couple of weeks now and I’m really pleased with your recommendations.  Thank you for the outstanding work and great insights…Keep up the good karma. You guys rock!
Regards, Bret Colson. SRP Member 5/28/15

Just wanted to give you some love, up over $25k since joining, did play some FEYE & ZIOP calls in addition to the SR strategy. I’m sold on y’all.- Pete F. SRP Member 4/14/15

Your advice is amazing… I really just need to follow your every move. Thanks for providing such great advice and guidance.- Andrew B. SRP Member 4/1/15

You have helped me make a ton of money since I joined.  CNAT alone, on the back of Jan-2015 calls and puts, and again on Jun-2015 calls…ridiculous profits before even taking into consideration the shares themselves- Mark M. SRP member 4/1/15

I’m a very enthusiastic recent member (since late Dec. 2014).  I have never had a run like this.  Really appreciate the great long calls and the timely swings.  Keep up the great work. Blessings… Daniel H.  SRP Member 3/4/15

You are doing a great job. I really appreciate that. I have never seen such remarkable accuracy- Raj C.- SRP Member 3/3/15

You and your team deserve all the success you are getting! You are making a big difference in our lives, helping us not get too shaken up when the rest of the market is panicking around us.
All the best!  Michael Hsu SRP Member March 13th 2015

You guys are by far my favorite stock research service out there and probably always will be…

Sahil Timblo- SRP Member Dec 5th 2014

I really believe you guys do a great job.  I’m glad that I joined.  It was worth the wait.

– G Harris, M.D. January 9th 2015
Awesome, I tell everyone I know about your site.  Keep up the good work!
Dan Anton- Dec 5th 2014

 Thanks for all the great rec’s. Up 103% since joining the premium service 6 months ago. Keep up the great work! Jack Chapman- SRP Member


Just wanted you to know I am having a great deal of success using your premium service. It is having a radically positive impact on my 401k. Your service is truly remarkable and will have a huge impact on our financial future.  Thanks.

Doug Klein-SRP Member- 


This material should not be considered investment advice. and any of our affiliates are not a registered investment advisor. Under no circumstances should any content from this website, articles, videos, seminars or emails from or or its affiliates be used or interpreted as a recommendation to buy or sell any type of security or commodity contract. This material is not a solicitation for a trading approach to financial markets. Any investment decisions must in all cases be made by the reader or by his or her registered investment advisor. This information is for educational purposes only. Disclaimer:


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