Stock Reversals Premium | FAQ’s- common questions
Stock and ETF Swing Trading and Market Forecast Subscription Service
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 E Mail: if any other questions, we answer within 5-15 minutes

  • How do I sign up?

On our sign up page you register with a username, password, and preferred E-mail account. We use PayPal for transactions which allows us to have our members join us easily and securely. A PayPal account is not required to sign up, you can use a Credit card when you get to the PayPal section. We offer monthly, quarterly, or Annual options. SIGN UP HERE

  • How much are membership subscriptions to SRP?

$99 Monthly, $249 quarterly (save 16% vs monthly), $749 Annually (Save 36% vs. Monthly)

  • Do you give entry and exit advice?

Yes, we text and e-mail when its time to sell.  We send a full report with a Post, Text, and E-mail when we are sending out a new alert with our research and charts on each position.

  • Do you follow up after an Alert on positions?

Yes, we have a morning report every day in pre-market that goes out by 9am est. (See sample) . This covers the markets, forecasts, strategy, and all open positions. We include updated advice for entry, stop loss, exit, news and more.

  • What is your Track Record?

We have a Track Record page that shows quarterly results on every trade closed out.  Historically we have aimed for 7 out of 10 trades being profitable and have actually hit 70% since inception.  We try to limit losses to 3-7%.

  • How many positions do you have open?

Usually 4 to 9 positions at a time depending on market conditions and we have either a 5% or 10% position size allocation that we will advise on upon sending you the alert and full report.

  • Do you day trade?

No, we are Swing Traders so we look for a specific price target objective. If it takes a few days or many weeks to reach or move towards our target then that becomes the holding period. We obviously take profits on the way up via alerts and we close out positions via alert when we feel its time to do so.

  • What type of stocks or ETF’s do you work with?

I push out a swing trade ideas list every Sunday with 12-18 of my best ideas based on sector analysis and top down market patterns. From this list I comb through during the week and spot the best 1-4 opportunities and then alert them with parameters to my members.

We typically work with Technology, Biotechnology, and or Medical Technology stocks most of the time but also deploy capital into the strongest companies in the top sectors with timing being key for a swing trade entry.

  • Do you offer refunds?

No, our service can be cancelled at anytime but we do not refund subscription fees unless you accidentally renew and let us know within a few days.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

No, we have a free service at that gives people an opportunity to sample some of our work. However, we will credit you $99 towards an Annual subscription of $749 if you try us for 30 days and make the switch to Annual.