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“Crazy amazing how you are nailing the market!!" J.R.

Hi Dave,

Great job.  As you might have recently saw, I went from a quarterly membership to a yearly membership. I’m all in with SRP.  I mean it when I say, your service is the best I’ve ever been associated with in over 25 years of investing.- Vic Salamone 3/17/17
Hello Dave!
It’s the second month since I joined your service and I really have no words for the quality and the great results of your research!My account has already increased but the important thing is how smoothly and with no stress at all this has been achieved!I consider myself a lifetime member and I will soon update to a yearly membership!    I will definitely dedicate much more money to your recommendations because the quality is more than obvious and especially this week was awesome!!     Just wanted to thank you for what you are doing!
Kind regards,
Bill L. SRP Member 7/15/17

“I have to thank you. You guys are awesome. I have been moving in and out of sector funds in my 401k based on your information (biotech, gold). I sold my gold fund yesterday, a little early perhaps. But I am up 31.6% ytd. I went over 1 million in my plan and I am only 46!  I have been telling my friends about you guys, hope to get you some new members as well as the help they need. Keep up the great work!”

Nick H. SRP Member 4/29/16

“I’ve been a member for a couple of weeks now and I’m really pleased with your recommendations.  Thank you for the outstanding work and great insights…Keep up the good karma. You guys rock!”

Regards, Bret Colson. SRP Member 5/28/15

“I am reading The Richest Man in Babylon right now and I’m at the part where they talk about Lady Luck finding you. She won’t shine her luck until you have taken hold of an opportunity that has presented itself. You are this opportunity.”

Mary J. SRP Member 1/27/17

“By the way, I just joined this week and I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love everything about your service. I already forwarded your info to some friends of mine who are into technical analysis based trading also.”

Z. Haque SRP Member 1/5/17

“I am glad I am a subscriber. Your analysis gives me the confidence to invest more aggressively than I would on my own. I have blown away the markets averages for this year. Your analysis increases my odds. Thanks again!”

SRP Member Nick H. 6/8/16

“I couldn’t be happier with your services and professionalism. I’m blown away by your response time and even more so, how simple and easy you made this process. I continue to only speak the highest of SRP. You’re great. Thanks again, Dave”

Steven- SRP Member 7/29/16

“You are doing a great job. I really appreciate that. I have never seen such remarkable accuracy.”

Raj C.- SRP Member 3/3/15

“You and your team deserve all the success you are getting! You are making a big difference in our lives, helping us not get too shaken up when the rest of the market is panicking around us. All the best!”

Michael Hsu SRP Member March 13th 2015

“Hi Dave, I wanted to give you a progress report. I made back my membership cost during the first week I’ve been a subscriber, and on low capital trades. You’ve got me as a customer for life, and as promised, I’m going to have all my trader community friends join! Thanks for your insight! I’ve never been more comfortable and confident in the market.”

T.S. SRP member 12/10/16

“You are a Fundamental Genius”

SRP Member A. Verdone 7/7/16

“Wow, well, you were right again! After you were right on the last two, I decided to go big on the next one. Up 70K since the alert yesterday. I should have followed the advice closer though, as I was more than happy with the 70K and sold everything at your “sell 1/2” alert. It’s starting to look like it will indeed run further with the strong close today.  Thanks again, the service is worth the price alone just for the $NUGT alerts “

Todd G. SRP Member 11/15/16

“I know I am paying a subscription fee for this service but still.. Thank you for sharing your talent and analysis with us! I rely on your s&p, oil and especially Gold forecasts. “

M. Chong SRP Member 8/10/16

“Crazy amazing how you are nailing the market!! Just so impressive!!!! I tell everyone about you. Hey, if they are smart enough and need direction then they’ll join!”

Jacqueline R. SRP Member 7/12/16

“I am a recent member and have to say you guys have been spot on with your macro predictions since I joined.  I am really happy to have found your service and  have enjoyed the fruits of your labor these past few weeks.”

SRP Member D. Patel 6/6/16

“You guys are by far my favorite stock research service out there and probably always will be.”

Sahil Timblo – SRP Member Dec 5th 2014

“I really believe you guys do a great job.  I’m glad that I joined.  It was worth the wait.”

G Harris, M.D. January 9th 2015

“Just wanted you to know I am having a great deal of success using your premium service. It is having a radically positive impact on my 401k. Your service is truly remarkable and will have a huge impact on our financial future.  Thanks.”

Doug Klein – SRP Member-

“Thanks for all the great rec’s. Up 103% since joining the premium service 6 months ago. Keep up the great work!”

Jack Chapman- SRP Member

Hi Dave,

I really like what you’re doing (and it’s not just because you’re on a hot streak right now).    I feel like you have the whole package – solid fundamental and technical expertise – combined with a very realistic grip on trading psychology.”

A.W. Senior V.P Investments- Stifel Nicolaus, NYC 3/28/17

“Congratulations. Again, your work is just spectacular, especially in this difficult market.”

Suzanne- SRP Member 5/14/16

“You are just too superb at your skills – have seen and subscribed to many services including dudes at big financial firms and many CMT’s, top traders, options analysts – you top them all. Just complimenting for your vision. Keep up the good work !”

G. Shah – SRP Member 3/4/16

“You are God gifted”

F. Aziz- SRP Member 5/13/16

“I appreciate all that you do especially the rigor, consistency and honesty that you convey”

G. Harris – SRP Member 4/24/16

“Hi Dave, Thanks for this months alerts. Were perfectly timed.”

E. Nab – SRP Member 4/28/16

Just wanted to give you some love, up over $25k since joining, did play some FEYE & ZIOP calls in addition to the SR strategy. I’m sold on y’all.”

Pete F. SRP Member 4/14/15

“Your advice is amazing… I really just need to follow your every move. Thanks for providing such great advice and guidance.”

Andrew B. SRP Member 4/1/15

“You have helped me make a ton of money since I joined.  CNAT alone, on the back of Jan-2015 calls and puts, and again on Jun-2015 calls…ridiculous profits before even taking into consideration the shares themselves.”

Mark M. SRP member 4/1/15

“I’m a very enthusiastic recent member (since late Dec. 2014).  I have never had a run like this.  Really appreciate the great long calls and the timely swings.  Keep up the great work. Blessings.”

Daniel H.  SRP Member 3/4/15

“Awesome, I tell everyone I know about your site.  Keep up the good work!”

Dan Anton – Dec 5th 2014